Our Story

Be Your Pride And Joy

We are Hedelie & Edelie

"Yes, we have 5 Shiba inus and 3 cats"

We were just one of the usual shoppers searching pet products online for our dogs and cats. After much time, effort, and money that we spent and dedicated into, we felt nothing but disappointed with the current market. It was because we then realized all the money were spent for short-lived and awfully overpriced pet supplies.

"Less is actually more."

People are making things unnecessarily complicated. Walking dogs and spending time hearing cats purring should be easy, simple, relaxing, and precious. Our 8 furry friends helped us learn something. They are all different and unique. Thus, we created our Rainbow Collections to kick start our product assortments.

"They deserve equal love & respect"

At HedeliE, we advocate 8-colored rainbow flag. Each color represents its own vigor and equal right. Starting from here, we have embarked on our journey of HedeliE. We would like to convey the meaning of the minimalist and easy life to everyone.

Nature & Durable

Pure material - Nylon Webbing

Thick & Soft

100% Nylon makes our products soft and natural.

Thickness 1.5mm, durable than the others.

Safety Inspection

All products have passed safety test.

Pulling force and toxic-free audit by 3rd-party laboratory.